Company profile - 奥马哈光电专业生产LED显示屏,户外表贴,室内表贴等全彩单双色产品


       Shenzhen Omaha optoelectronics Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Omaha") is a professional LED electronic display and peripheral products provide LED display components, LED product performance testing, project LED system products such as the third party supply chain enterprises.  

       Omaha owns ERP system, online mall and advanced detection equipment management automation is high, with high and low temperature laboratory and outdoor natural display platform。 We take the logistics, capital flow and information flow into the carrier, to build LED supply chain, LED channel supply chain, a series of problems to help customers solve the procurement, distribution, transportation, warehousing, distribution, professional to undertake LED of outsourcing。 LED to help enterprises to improve supply chain efficiency, promote the research and development of LED enterprise technology and product quality improvement, to build the       core competitiveness of enterprises display。

       Omaha photoelectric strict implementation of quality management system, and through to each link in the work, always adhere to the "unity, hard work, innovation, steady" business philosophy, to create LED project developers, partners, investors and Omaha photoelectric mutual benefit and win-win situation, to the pursuit of long-term cooperation。

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