ShenzhenAomaha photoelectric Co Ltd - 奥马哈光电专业生产LED显示屏,户外表贴,室内表贴等全彩单双色产品


About Aomaha
Shenzhen City Omaha photoelectric Limited company to provide a wide variety of stable, durable, people buy affordable LED display products. This is OmarHa do everything from product development and procurement, to our Omaha mall in China how to sell the center of our products,Thought. With high prices to produce quality products, or, at a low price to make low-quality products, anyone can do this. But,
Our ideal and business philosophy,In Omaha, our goal is to create a better viewing effect for the public. Our business philosophy is to provide a wide range of products, stable and durable, people can afford to buy the display products.Our product line,Omaha product series focus on good design and functionality as well as low prices. Omaha product series has a display product solution for each square in each hall. Omaha property The product line has the things that are offered by high-end advertisers, small advertising stores, and every person in between.....[More]
Address: Longhua District Guanlan Town Golf Road in Shenzhen city to the West Village Building 4,
24 hours service telephone: 13714762649
Please indicate your fax contact, thank you!
Welcome friends to join the Shenzhen Omaha optoelectronics, need to know the details please contact Tel: 13828743592

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