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LED screen failure repair five asked

        What are the reasons for not loading or communication?
        Communication does not have the same reasons as the load, may be caused by the following several reasons, please according to the column and the operation of the control:
        1, to ensure that the control system hardware has been correctly on the power. (+5V)
        2, check and confirm that the serial lines used to connect the controller to the straight line, rather than the cross line.
        3. Check and confirm that the serial connection line is in good condition and the two ends are not loose or falling off.
        4, the control LED screen control software and its own choice of control card and control software to provide dial code switch graph is correctly set control system hardware address bits and serial transmission rate in correct product model, the correct way of transmission, serial number of the right, the right serial transmission rate.
        5, check the jumper cap is loose or fall off; if the jumper cap without loosening, please make sure the jumper cap in the right direction.
        6, such as after the above check and correction still appears to load on. Please use the multimeter to measure a, the serial port is connected to the computer or the control system hardware is damaged, to confirm whether they should be returned to computer manufacturers or the control system hardware returned detection.
       Two, LED screen just power up a few seconds when the light line or screen change the reason why?
       The screen and computer controller and HUB distribution plate and the screen is connected properly, need to provide +5V power controller to make it work properly (at this time, not directly connected with the voltage of 220V). On the electric moment, bright lines a few seconds or "flower screen" on the screen, the bright line or "Huaping" are normal test phenomenon, to remind the user screen is about to start work. Within 2 seconds, the        screen automatically eliminate the phenomenon, in the normal condition.
       Three, automatically or manually adjust the brightness of what is the meaning?
Brightness adjustment refers to display on the screen of the darkest and brightest made between the adjusted and non sensitive regulation. Automatic brightness adjustment is according to different periods of time appears to be different brightness and by equal LED screen control system automatically adjusts to a predetermined brightness. Manual brightness adjustment refers to the end user through the operation of the control system of          LED screen, LED screen to reach a specified brightness.
       Four, the whole unit plate causes the screen is not bright, dark light
       26P cable and power supply module, power supply connecting line between the 1 visual unit board indicator is normal.
      2, with a multimeter measuring unit in the presence of normal voltage, then measuring the power module output voltage is normal, if not, it is judged that the power module is bad.
      3, measurement of low voltage power supply module, adjusting the fine-tuning (power module lights near the fine-tuning of the voltage reaches the standard).
      Five, LED screen appears black screen is what reason?
      In process control system in use, we occasionally encounter LED screen phenomenon of black screen. A similar phenomenon may be caused by various reasons, even the process of black screen will be different because of different environments or operation. For example, it may be a power of the moment is black, may also be in the loading process in black, also may be sent after the black and so on:
      1, please make sure all the hardware including control system has all the right power. (+5V, not reverse, wrong)
      2, check and repeated confirmation for connecting the controller serial line is loose or fall off phenomenon. (if the darkening in the loading process, is likely to is because of the reasons caused, namely in the process of communication due to communication lines are loose and interrupt, therefore the screen becomes black, don't think screen body did not move, the line can not be relaxed, please begin check, it wants to solve the problem quickly is very important.
       3, check and confirm the connection of the LED screen and is connected with the main control card HUB distribution board is closely connected, whether insert.

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