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Analysis of 10 technology parameters of outdoor LED display screen

         With the increasing market demand for outdoor advertising, outdoor LED display applications, the rapid expansion of the scale. In the face of the market brand complex products, how to choose the industry users to make their own products to satisfy the user to understand the parameters of the LED display is the most important prerequisite.
        1, clarity: according to the best viewing distance to determine the required area of the screen, the definition of "40000 pixels /m2" the best distance of 5-50 meters; using the most advanced 16 bit data interface, to further improve the clarity of the picture.
        2, the brightness: screen luminance design in more than 2500cd/m2, not only can guarantee the normal use in indoor full color LED display color fidelity, clear image, but also to ensure that the LED display in the lamp attenuation is more than 30% of the cases with enough brightness and video image clear and bright. Refresh rate: between the processor and the screen body is made of super category 5 twisted pair shielded wire, high performance configuration control IC, the screen of the high refresh rate design was more than or equal to 1000Hz, to ensure that the video playback without water ripple and flashing, full digital loss low, anti electromagnetic interference. Power supply and signal transmission way: because of the importance of full color LED display screen, so the power supply for power supply and signal transmission in the technology for special treatment, using high quality military connector design. To further control the fault caused by various pull lift plug in.
         3, control mode: the use of independent design of the control system, and 240 hours of uninterrupted power aging screening, and then choose a highly reliable control system. And in control by double redundant heat standby, if there are problems immediately by another signal line access, continue to work, smooth connection.
         4, raw materials: LED display all raw materials are selected brand-name quality products, the most important LED lamp selection of high quality LED lamp;
         5, the three-tier product aging process: first module of automatic production line for 24 hours electricity aging and on a single box were 48 hours electricity aging, finally, simulated the actual assembly of finished products display for 72 hours electricity aging, qualified through to arrive at the site where the assembly.
         6, product quality control: all products strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2000 quality certification system file for product manufacturing. (see quality certification), will be strictly in accordance with the waterproof IP65 test, to achieve full waterproof effect. LED display installation and debugging: strictly according to the design of the LED display screen installation and debugging, the level of installation to reach C level (the highest level of LED display).
         7, the leading system software (for the screen to be used): the operating system using XP Windows and support for Microsoft Windows series of the latest products. All applications are based on Windows as the operating platform, and the interface is friendly. Playback software has abundant clock function, it can display the current date, the current time, and computer time synchronization display clock can be analog clock, can also be a digital clock. The software adopts the advanced thread technology, and can play the characters, animation, clock, photo, audio and so on.
        8, perfect system function design (prepared in the screen and then application): this system can meet the requirements of assembly, performance, television broadcasting and advertising. The project led display system with multimedia, multi way, can real-time transmission high-speed data communication and video interface, can be convenient to the computer network system, the introduction of various forms of information source, to achieve unified control of a variety of audio and video input. Detailed features are as follows:
        9, and video playback function to display the true color of dynamic video image, high fidelity closed-circuit television, satellite TV broadcasting; a variety of video signal input and output interface: composite video, S-Video video (s video), YpbPr, VGA (rgbhv), DVI, HDMI, and SDI (HDSDI); can hi fi Playback Recorder, DVD player, VCD, DVD, LD) video program with superimposed text, animation and static pictures of functions on the video screen. By editing the equipment can realize panorama, close-up, slow motion and special effects real-time editing and playback function. Brightness, contrast, saturation, color can through software regulation, adjusting range is 256; with image freezing; with three display video superposition (VGA+Video), (video) image, VGA mode; with horizontal / vertical position compensation function; has the function of synchronous display.
       10, computer graphics and text information playing function can display a variety of computer information, text, graphics, pictures, and second, the three dimensional animation with rich playing mode, display rolling information, notices, banners and slogans, storage information content of the data. The screen can open multiple windows, display the calendar, clock, a one-way flow of text. There are all kinds of Chinese font and font choice, you can also input in English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin and Cyrillic etc. many foreign languages. Broadcast system with multimedia software, flexible input and broadcast a variety of information. The broadcast mode is about 20 kinds of rolling, rolling up and down, pushing up and down, up and down, pushing on the diagonal, spreading, fan, rotating and zooming. Through the network connection, displays the network data information. Equipped with a network interface, and computer networking, sharing network resources, with standard audio signal output interface to achieve the audio and video synchronization.

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