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Analysis of seven major professional terminology LED display

       With the rapid development of LED display technology, such electronic display and full-color LED display and so on LED display products is showing a diversified development, now the LED display screen is widely used in all walks of life. However, for the novice, LED display many professional terminology are do not understand, then what led display common terminology what? 
      1, LED brightness: the brightness of the light emitting diode is generally used (Intensity Luminous), said the unit is Candela CD; 1000ucd (micro Candela) MCD =1 (Candela), CD 1000mcd=1. Indoor single LED light intensity is generally 500ucd-50 MCD and outdoor single LED light intensity should be 100 mcd-1000 MCD even 1000 MCD above.
      2, LED pixel module: LED arranged into a matrix or pen, prefabricated into a standard size of the module. Indoor display commonly used 8*8 pixel module, 8 words 7 segment digital module. Outdoor display pixel module has 4*4, 8*8, 8*16 pixels and other specifications. The pixel module of the outdoor display screen is composed of two or more LED tubes for each pixel.
      3, pixel (Pixel) and pixel diameter: LED display in each of the LED can be individually controlled light emitting unit (point) called pixels (or pixel). Pixel diameter Phi refers to each pixel unit is mm diameter.
      4, resolution: the number of pixels of the LED display screen is called the resolution of LED display. Resolution is the total amount of pixels of the display screen, which determines the information capacity of a display screen.
      5, gray: gray pixel light shading refers to the degree of change, a gray color generally have 8 to 12. For example, if each color gray into 256 grade, for double primary color screen, its display color to 256 x 256=64K color, also known as the screen for 256 color display.
      6, double colors: most of today's color LED display screen is a dual color color screen, namely each pixel have two LED tube core: a red light tube core, a green light tube core. Red tube core light when the pixel is red, green tube core light when the pixel is green, red tube core light at the same time when the pixel is yellow. The red, green color is called.
      7, full color: red and green dual color plus blue color, three colors of full color. As a result of the full color of the blue tube and pure green tube core technology is now mature, so the market is basically a full color.

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