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Difference between domestic and imported raw materials of LED display screen

       Between general LED display, LED electronic display screen, led full-color display, LED unit board according to the brand and use raw materials of different, usually there is a LED display price difference. But in the final analysis, the main reason for the price difference of the LED display screen, but also from the LED display screen raw materials to buy different analysis. General LED display screen raw materials from the major categories up points, can be divided into import materials and domestic materials.
       In terms of light-emitting chip, the source of the entrance are: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and now there are sectors of domestic chip. Each light emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. The United States and Japan chip, because of its ability to grasp the focus of the focus of the skills, under the control of a similar background, the United States, Japan, the high cost of the chip.
       Taiwan and local chips compared to the cost of self-control, but its performance compared to the United States, Japan, or there is a certain gap.
       If the LED shows screen is used in relatively tight situations, or recommend the use of material inlet is relatively good; in addition to the large screen LED chip and other effects led reflected screen cost factors of emergency is led driver IC, nothing more than if I were customers willing I would rather choose relatively good driver IC, because although it cost a little higher, but the driver IC is effect on LES reflected very urgent factor in the quality and service life of the screen, do a full-color LED reflected screen time must be with constant voltage and constant current driver IC; other materials such as power supply, a box body, and making manifest the screen of all kinds of parts.

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