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Outdoor LED display is not loaded on several major reasons

       In the use of outdoor LED display, often appear unable to load the phenomenon. LED electronic display manufacturers springbus from several aspects below to analyze why the screen not loaded under LED.
       1, check the jumper cap is loose or fall off; if the jumper cap without loosening, please make sure the jumper cap in the right direction.
       2, check and confirm for the controller with the serial line straight line, rather than cross line.
       3, check and confirm the serial connection and intact ends without loosening or shedding phenomenon.
       4, the control LED display control software and its own choice of control card and control software provided by dial code switch graph is correctly set control system hardware address bits and serial transmission rate in correct product model, the correct way of transmission, serial number of the right, the right serial transmission rate.
      5, to ensure that the hardware of the control system is properly power.
      6, such as after the above check and correction is still not loaded, please use a multimeter to measure, or computer hardware of the control system is connected to the serial port is damaged. To confirm whether should return the computer manufacturer or the control system hardware back detection.
       In short, the LED display load is not the normal reason, there may be the product itself, but also may be caused by improper operation of the process you use. As long as careful thinking or asking manufacturers, it is easy to find the root of the problem.

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