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The development course of LED display screen in China

       Led China's development, the beginning of the seventy's, the industry appeared in the eighty's. More than 100 companies in the country, 95% of the manufacturers are engaged in production, packaging, the required tube core almost all imported from abroad. There are several "Five Year Plan" technology innovation, technology research, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and key technologies, so that the production of LED technology has been a step forward step by step. 1990 formation of growth period. On the one hand, limited by the LED materials, LED display is not widely used in the field of expansion, on the other hand, the display control technology is basically a communication control mode, the display of the target. During this period, LED display screen is widely used in foreign countries, domestic, product is given priority to with red and green colors, communication control, four grey relatively high product cost single point gray adjustment method.
       1990-1995 years, this stage is the rapid development period of the LED display. In the ninety's, the rapid growth of the global information industry, continue to make breakthroughs in all areas of information technology, LED display in the LED materials and control technology has also been the emergence of new results. The successful development of the blue LED chip, LED full color display screen to enter the market; computer and microelectronics technology, the video control technology, achieve 16 gray level and 64 gray scale display, ash field adjusting display control technology, the screen dynamic display effect is greatly improved. This stage, LED display from the initial annual output value of tens of millions to dozens of company's development speed is very fast, China's development, some companies, annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan, product applications, including financial, securities, the annual output value, sports, airports, railway stations, road traffic, advertising, post, telecommunication and many other fields, especially in 1993, the development of more shares of the securities industry, a substantial increase of the LED display market. Flat panel display field of LED display the basic form of the mainstream products, LED into a new high-tech industry display industry.
       Led display data show that: since 1995, the development of LED display to enter a period of steady  improvement in the overall adjustment of the industrial structure. At the same time, such competition, many small and medium enterprises, products, prices, more extensive application fields, product quality, standardization of formation appeared a series of new problems, the relevant departments on the development of LED display attaches great importance to and make corresponding standards and guidance, current work in this area is gradually deepening. LED display industry in China into the path of rapid development, with a group of backbone enterprises of a certain scale have begun to emerge to check to the basic form of China's LED display industry.

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